The 5 Real Time Management Tips


End the Idea of Time Management. Don’t ever try to do more in a day. We have this mindset that we need to do a lot of things to say we had a very productive day. You’ve got to ask yourself, “Am I really being effective? Or are you just being efficient? Understand that being effective is having results’; being efficient is being able to do more, which is more important for you? To be Effective or to be Efficient?

Tip #2: Use the 80/20 PARETO principle

No Matter what you do, who sell your products to, what you do for advertising only 20% of those brings 80% of the results. In a basketball game, only 20% of the players that played in the game is responsible for 80% of the total score combined. Whatever business you are planning to start, whatever you may be doing in work, in life, in marketing or anything just focus on the top 20% that produces 80% of results and put all your energy on those 20% and save more time, than wasting your time the other 80% that does not work. Which 20% of sources are causing 80% of my problems and unhappiness? Which 20% of sources are resulting in 80% of my desired outcomes and happiness?

Tip #3: Us e the Parkinson’s Law

I have experienced this before, I had to do a step-by-step analysis of a basketball free-throw of two basketball players for y human movement class which entails, computations, names of muscles used, energy systems used, comparative analysis, history of basketball, history of basketball in the Philippines and I can go on. But I only did it in one day and I really did well on my report. Set really short deadline for yourself and act as if you are going to die tomorrow.

Tip #4: Stop doing things to avoid those that is very important!

Ask yourself this question, “If you had a heart attack and had to work two hours per day, what would you do?”, “If you had a second heart attack and had to work two hours per week, what would you do?”, If you had a gun to your head and had to stop doing 75 of different time-consuming activities, what would you remove?

Tip #5: Do not ever multi-task!

It’s very simple. Which is faster? To read mail and eat or just read you mail alone.
The idea of multi-tasking but it prolongs things that can be done quickly. Put your focus on one thing first before you move to another. Put your energy to one focused reading and enjoy your food afterwards.

It’s like what Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.”

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