Cow, Dog, Monkey and Human

God said, “Cow I will give you 60 years of life and you will work hard in for your entire life plowing fields.”

Cow said, “I will throw away 30 years of my life and work hard for only 30 years.”

God said, “Dog I will give you 30 years of life and you will guard man’s house for your entire life.”

Dog said, “I will throw away 15 years and guard man’s house for 15 years only.”

God said, “Monkey, I will you 30 years of life and you will look silly in front humans for the rest of your life.”

Monkey said, “I will throw away 15 years of my life and look silly in front of humans for 15 years of my life.”

God said, “Human I will give you 25 years of life and I will give the ability to think and create.”

Human said, “God I will take 30 years that cow threw away, I will take 15 years that dog threw away and 15 years that monkey threw away.”

We study for 25 years. Attend college and hopefully graduate school.
After we graduate, we look for a safe and secure job with a good salary, when we do so, we decide to stay loyal and work hard for 30 years, like a cow.

At the age of 55, we retire and guard our house because our pension cannot pay for the travel and vacation that we want, like a dog.

For another 15 years, we age fast, grow weak and sickly but we want to have fun with our grandchildren, so we play with them and act funny and silly, like a monkey.

This is the old age strategy to live life. For most people they believe they are trapped, but the truth is they just don’t want to get out of their comfort zone.

Poor people believe, “Life happens to me.” Rich people believe, “I create my life.”- Secret’s of the Millionaire Mind

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  1. Hey Armand I once became an EnTrep Student... and I totally AgrEE on this.. =) We Hav to LiVe not jUst a Usual Life but an ExtRa oRdinaRy life that can helP others as well... (^.^)