How to become an Entrepreneur/ Big Business Owner

The number one most common question among Filipino's nowadays, "Paano ako magsisimula ng negosyo ko?" and they keep on finding and finding answers for it. They pay for seminars, attend conventions, and even go back to school. We got used to being shown the pattern and 

Here are 5 simple tips that has worked for me. 

1. Start Educating yourself. The first ever book that I read about business was Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"(click on the link for Free the e-book). I wouldn't want to spoil you reading but all that I could say is, it CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER and exaggerating it, means it really did.

2. Build your Mastermind Team. Entrepreneurs are people who know how to make people work for them.

 In Big Business, Franchising and Real Estate: This mastermind team could be composed your account, secretary, lawyer, investment broker, supervisor, anyone that has the same mission and vision as you do, who are willing to work with you.

In Network Marketing/ Direct selling Business: It is your best 10 front line leaders or best 15 or best 20 that has the same passion, dream and vision as you do, has the drive to create big organizations under you. 

3. Find a Mentor.If I did not have a mentor, my growth as a entrepreneur and leader wouldn't be like this right now. This guy will tell you what you should do first, what does not work, what you lack, what you need to focus on etc. 

He or she makes you life a lot more better and a lot more easier. If you want to do it by yourself it's fine but expect to make it really big after 40 years. 

Mentors are people who made it and are very successful. You can search for one online or look for entrepreneurs who can dedicate time to you. 

Check this out:

4. Look for people with the same mindset. One reason why most people get stuck in employment is because they stay with the same friends. Let me ask you question, if you were to go into business who do you want to be friends with employees or business people like you? You can stay friends with your employee friends but trust me the line is totally true, "Tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are." 

5. Be a man of action. Whatever you do, it's still boils to the person taking the most effective action. You may know a lot of things but without action, it is USELESS. I repeat USELESS.

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