Me and My Starbucks Planner

Last year, I got my first ever planner,Starbucks planner.

I told myself, "This planner will serve as my diary, I will write down every single drama, happiness, achievement, downfall, idea, everything. I am going to write down on this everyday."

As usual the old me liked to plan but never execute, in short I failed big time. I only wrote on it, four times: my full name, Armand Polanski Cruz, my telephone number( 09179317185), my New Year's Resolution,which I accomplihed around 70% and my goals for last year,which I have also accomplished almost 70% too.

This year will be different I will set my goals and I will execute , it's that simple. I believe in intregrity of an individual's word, once I say something it will happen or It will be done. I declare,plan and execute. It is how my mentors thought me to do business.

Let me define:

Declare. Once you declare or show intention about want you want and what you want to achieve, you are drawing in something to your life. Have you ever heard of the "Law of Attraction"?, It states that what we think, what we focus, what we manifest, becomes reality. When you declare, you are simply attracting it to your life, but it is still up to you to have what you asked for.

Plan. Every dream or goal has to be planned. Remember: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Another rule: It doesn't have to be detailed because If you focus on detail, it will take you weeks or months to execute. This is what happened to me.I was so busy worrying about the look my blog, What should it contain? What title it is going to have? and because I focused too much on detail, it took me a lot of time to publish it. I knew the reason why, I wanted more detail because I was scared to make mistakes, I was scared to fail to please my readers but heck. I told myself, "What the hell, I'll keep on writing because I will improve, because it is doing something.

Execute. You don't want that plan to rot until you drop dead. Execution is the most crucial part. Some people fail because they procastinate. Procastination is deadly because it hinders productivity. Nothing happens. I know a lot of people like this and I admit I was once like them.

And, without total FOCUS it will not happen. F-Focus O-on One C-Course U-Until S-Success.

To sum it all up, achieving that dream or goal means We Declare, Plan, Execute and most importantly have total FOCUS.

What are your dreams and goals this year? Start Declaring. Write it down on paper, blog about it, draw about it, ANYTHING. Start the year right. Start now.

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