My undying passion.

Just recently, I attended Nu Skin's Success Seminar. It was night of celebration and success.

I was there to support all my mentors in the business.

I was there to support all the people who have succeed in this business.

I was there to remind myself, why I signed up.

I joined the Nu Skin business because I love the creating successful people,
I love our kababayans and I love our country. 

I saw the power that Nu Skin gives.
I gives a chance for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur,
to have your own corporation without huge capital, 
and live the lifestyle you want, without worrying if you will run out or not.

At the end of the success dinner program we sang this song.

I was teary eyed and very passionate
I made me more brave because from now on, I am making a stand.
I will create 1,000 Filipino Business men and women because my dream is,
a First World Philippines.

Connect with you soon,

Armand Cruz

"Empowering and Inspiring people to take action for there dreams."

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